The price of bag recycling is generally a few percent off. The price of second-hand recycling of luxury bags

by:JIYALI     2021-07-07

Generally speaking, the recycling price of second-hand bags of luxury brands is generally around 3 to 70% off. This is related to the service life of the bag and the degree of maintenance. You can get second-hand bags for recycling. Shop specific inquiry.

The price of bag recycling is generally a few percent off.

The recycling price of general luxury luxury bags in the market is about 3 to 70% off. The quality of the bag, accessories, and accessories include dust bags, warranty cards, receipts, etc. These things are collectively referred to as bag accessories, and they are also one of the factors that influence the recycling of famous bags.

No matter what kind of bag it is, the price of a second-hand bag will be greatly discounted. Some customers who are accustomed to buying luxury goods at counters in the Mainland will offer low prices to second-hand recycling stores. It is generally difficult to accept. They think that a bag bought for tens of thousands of yuan may have been used only a few times, but in fact, the foreign price is originally a few thousand yuan. Generally, the sale price will not be looked at when the bag is recycled.

Factors influencing the price of bag recycling

Bag recycling is easier than watches, and bags are easier to wear in daily use. These problems have a great impact on the recycling price of bags. I have encountered such bags and I don’t know how customers use them. At first glance, they know that the wear and tear is very serious, and the bags are genuine. There is no problem at all. It is because the wear is so serious that it cannot be recycled. We talk about the recycling of second-hand luxury bags, but if that's a color.

Except for bags that are limited and sold at auctions, the price of general bag recycling is 3 to 70% off. For details, you still need to see the quality of the bag without accessories. Happening. In the market, I have not heard of super-price models for so many years, and even some limited-model brands have low recycling prices.

Where can second-hand bags be recycled?

For now, the market for second-hand luxury bag recycling is quite mixed, ranging from large-scale recycling companies across the country to small private companies. All can recycle luxury goods under the slogan of luxury goods recycling. Generally speaking, regular recycling companies can complete the task of appraisal and evaluation alone. Formal recycling companies will offline physical stores. Although many times you find them on the Internet, you still have to go to their stores to see if they are formal and informal, whether they have a business venue, whether they have a business license, whether they have the qualification for recycling, etc. .

Bag maintenance rules

1. Leather bags, like shoes, are another type of active material. Using the same leather bag every day can easily cause the elasticity of the leather to fatigue. So you have to use several interchangeably like shoes; if the leather bag gets wet accidentally, you can use a dry towel to absorb the moisture first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and other things in it to dry in the shade, don’t expose it directly to the sun. That will make the beloved bag fade and deform.

2. Eraser can be used, if it is a relatively shallow dirt that suddenly appears, it can be treated immediately. The most common student eraser, don't make it into various shapes and colors, or even taste like candy. The point is the kind that doesn't scumbag.

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