The necessary skills and methods for leather goods processing plants

by:JIYALI     2021-05-15
It is necessary to talk about the nature and characteristics of the work of the merchandiser and the work of the merchandiser involving any detail, which is very comprehensive. The merchandiser’s studio is built on orders and customers, and it is the coordinator of the execution production management externally, so the merchandiser has a large responsibility. A slight carelessness of the merchandiser will result in the quality of the product not being produced in accordance with the customer's instructions, which will not only affect the delivery date, but also harm the company's interests.

The focus of the merchandiser's work is on communication and coordination, not on overpowering others. The work of the merchandiser with the customer, with the production department, and with the sales department is a kind of communication and coordination, and it is all the work of communicating with people under the premise of completing the order. Responsibilities of merchandisers: Remember that QC work is about control and prevention rather than just receiving goods. The pace of work of merchandisers is changeable and fast. The company’s outsourcing products cover a wide range and categories, and there are many outsourcing factories in each category. Therefore, the place where the merchandiser has to run can be said to be all over the world, which requires the merchandiser’s work efficiency to be fast , Their work style, work and rest system and work rhythm should be in accordance with the habits of various outsourcing factories, which are different. This also requires that the pace of the merchandiser's work is changeable. As a merchandiser of JIYALI, you need the following abilities to sum up:

1. Skills in communicating with suppliers.

2. Skilled computer basic software application ability.

3. Strong professional skills and production management capabilities.

4. Judgment ability, always maintain a sense of crisis.

5. Ability to endure and develop excellent psychological quality.

6. The ability to report and command, and manage ultra vires.

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