The most popular shoes this summer. Tips for matching shoes and bags

by:JIYALI     2021-07-09

Summer is here, do you know what kind of shoes you should wear? Do you know what is the most popular shoe this year? Do you know the matching skills of shoes and bags? Come with me and let me teach you.

The most popular shoes this summer

1. Thick-heeled sandals are a popular style every year. Whether it is matching pants or dresses are very suitable. And the thick heel design is more suitable for daily commuting, and walking will not tire your feet. It is better to choose the one with a word belt for the shoes as much as possible to modify the foot type.

2. Square-toed single shoes is also one of the fashion trends this year. The square toe design makes the toes more comfortable, and the simple shoe shape can make the legs look longer. It is also one of the versatile shoes.

3. Muller shoes. Slipper-shaped Muller shoes are very fashionable in their design. Pair them with simple T-shirts and jeans to create a casual and lazy feeling. With the skirt, it is also completely HOLD to live the aura. Very street shooting temperament.

4. Ballet shoes. Ballet shoes are more suitable for matching skirts, highlighting the elegant temperament of girls, as well as lively and pretty girlishness, and ballet shoes are generally soft, pregnant women and expectant mothers can also wear them beautifully.

5. Sports sandals. This year PUMA, Nike, etc. have launched new sports sandals. On the basis of sports shoes, it maintains the comfort of sports shoes and has the breathability of sandals. After putting it on, Ms. becomes a cool girl.

Shoes and bags matching skills

1. Same style matching:

In fact, the same style and the same color are sometimes similar, for example, you use A backpack with sneakers is like a formula in mathematics. It is a fixed pattern and routine, which will not make you mistakes, and it will be brilliant from time to time.

2. Matching with the same color:

The matching of shoes and bags with the same color is simply a fool's method. It's a bit like the finishing touch of our writing when we were young. It will surely let the teacher Use wavy lines to draw and add points.

3. Choose a universal bag or a pair of universal shoes:

This is even simpler. No matter what style you are wearing, if you can't find a shoe bag that can be used to match it all at once, just take a universal shoe bag! We just stole a little lazy like this, but it's still beautiful. Who calls it popular to mix and match now? What style is your own style. Remember to remember that the color can't be fancy, black or white is enough, of course navy and brown are also very common choices.

Precautions for matching shoes and bags

No matter how much you like shoes or bags, you must also remember that they are only part of your style, and the most important protagonist is yourself. ! Don't let one rob you of the limelight, learn to make this whole body collocation blend together, which is not only fashionable and bright, but also comfortable, is the most important thing.

Bag matching taboos

1. Occupation taboos for women's bag matching:

Different occupations have different choices of women's bags. White-collar workers should Choose some simple ladies bag styles, and MM who is on business for a long time can choose some casual ladies bags. At the same time, pay attention to the practicality of ladies bags. Generally speaking, you can prepare a few more styles of women's bags that are related to your career, and pay attention to matching them with your own image.

2. Seasonal taboos for women's bags:

All year round, women's bags should be matched with seasonal colors, usually in spring and autumn. The color tone is mainly soft. In summer, ladies' bags are mainly light or light solid colors; in winter, ladies' bags can be slightly darker. At the same time, attention should be paid to the matching between ladies' bags and clothing.

3. Personality taboos for women's bags:

It is recommended that you are a traditional MM, and you can carry simple and fashionable women's bags, which are subtle and connotative, such as Pure color ladies' bags; for more avant-garde styles, you can choose some avant-garde fashion ladies' bags, which can exude your vitality and alternativeness. You can choose bright colors, and the styles are more fashionable and cutting-edge ladies' bags.

4. Dress taboos for women's bags:

When it comes to dressing, how to match women's bags with your clothes is an art. General recommendations: similar matching methods of the same color, that is, women's bags and clothes are matching methods of the same color and depth; contrast color matching method: women's bags and clothes can also be in obvious contrasting colors, resulting in an alternative eye-catching matching method; echoing the color of the clothes Matching method: Coordinate and match the colors, patterns and accessories of ladies' bags and clothes.

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