The luggage foundry tutor teaches you how to distinguish the grade of luggage

by:JIYALI     2021-05-10
The grade of luggage produced by the luggage OEM is directly proportional to its ex-factory price. When looking for a factory-customized bag, we need to learn how to distinguish the grade of luggage.

Some customers generally use basic methods to find out, so they think it’s okay. In fact, there are a lot of knowledge to distinguish luggage grades. The following editor introduces five methods for you to quickly distinguish the grades of luggage. .

1. You need to know how to see. The bags produced by the luggage OEM not only need to look at the appearance and shape, but also have some details on the craftsmanship, which is very important.

2. To know how to touch, many customers have a certain misunderstanding. It is not that the softer the bag is, the better. The style of some bags is fixed, and it depends on the raw materials and different leathers. There are gaps in the feel of the bags made of materials, but the better the feel of the materials used in the bags, the more expensive the leather.

3. Look at the hardware and zippers of the luggage. This is a very important hardware accessory related to the grade of the luggage. The use of the hardware determines the grade of the entire bag, and the zipper is also Similarly, some zippers get stuck when they are half-drawn. This is definitely not a good zipper. Good hardware is not prone to fading and oxidation.

4. Sewing thread, mainly observe whether the line of the bag is bent, whether the line has skipped stitches, disconnection, etc., and whether the line of the bag is firm, because the bag Insufficient chartered lines will result in weaker load-bearing capacity of the packages, which may easily cause problems such as disconnection.

5. Look at the lining. In fact, the lining is the factor that determines the quality of the luggage. Because the appearance can be seen, some luggage OEMs choose a good appearance in order to make the customer feel good. Material, but the choice of lining is not so focused at the beginning, then this affects the quality grade of the overall luggage.

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