The leather processing factory explains why it is impossible to quote directly from the picture of the bag

by:JIYALI     2021-05-15
I believe that many leather processing factories have encountered such customers. Before they started chatting, they sent pictures of their products and asked the customer service of the leather processing factories to quote. Since JIYALI launched the official website, it has often encountered such a situation. While chatting, the customer suddenly sent a product picture to ask for a quotation. However, only a picture cannot be quoted to the customer. Why is that? ?

We can take a few bags and study carefully. You will find that each bag is composed of different accessories and leather materials of different sizes. Then the price of the bag is also made up of these accessories. Cloth, hardware, leather, materials required for production, processing costs and material costs.

In the past, customers used to find leather processing factories through offline visits, or through exhibitions and friend introductions to find leather processing factories to process bags. With the rapid development of the Internet, now customers can find leather goods manufacturers online without leaving home. Because of the convenience, many customers will compare different leather goods manufacturers through the Internet. After being confirmed as the leather goods manufacturer, some customers will send a picture of the bag that needs to be customized for the factory to quote, which one is cheaper to find Which one, the comparison of such a family. But these customers are not clear. The leather goods processing factory cannot give you an accurate quotation based on this picture alone.

Because it is difficult to determine the fabric used in the bag based on the pictures of the bag alone. For example, among the bags processed by JIYALI, the commonly used bag fabrics include as many as ten kinds of fabrics such as cowhide, sheepskin, and PU, and the prices of fabrics of different quality are very different!

In addition to the fact that it is difficult to determine the fabric used in the bag based on the bag picture alone, there is also the hardware of the bag. The hardware of the bag can determine the grade of this bag. Of course, the hardware also has Graded, for example, our hardware zipper heads have a few cents and a few dollars. The other is the color and shape of the electroplating. These are not visible through the pictures.

The most important picture shows the internal structure and method of the bag. There is a big gap between the different styles of bags. The internal structure will also change according to the style of the bag. , So the editor summarized, if you need a customized bag, but want a quotation from the leather processing factory, if there is a physical product, it is recommended to provide the physical product to the factory for quotation. If there is no physical product but only pictures, then you need to send the product. The size and the material you want to use, and explain the grade to be made.

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