The international textile procurement agency based in Pakistan moved to neighboring countries

by:JIYALI     2021-08-09
A well-informed person in Pakistan’s textile industry recently said that due to bomb explosions and the deterioration of domestic laws and social environment, international textile procurement agencies that have been in Pakistan for decades have now moved to nearby countries.   They said that the traditional purchasing agency for Pakistani products told Pakistani production companies that if Pakistani companies wanted to get supply orders, they could bring their products/samples to the new country where the purchasing agency now lives for negotiation.  Pakistan companies said that changes in address and visa restrictions in some countries have increased business expenses in Pakistan. 50% of knitting companies have closed, and 20% of other companies such as bedding, bath towels, garments and other textile companies have also closed.   They said that the textile industry creates 65% of the country’s foreign exchange income and 40% of employment opportunities for farmers and industrial labor. But now the textile industry is in a crisis.  In the first seven months of this fiscal year, compared with the same period last year, cotton yarn exports decreased by 6%, cotton cloth exports decreased by 8.3%, knitted garment exports decreased by 11.2%, bedding exports decreased by 6.2%, and bath towel exports decreased by 6.7%.  Analysts said that textile entrepreneurs are eagerly looking forward to the new government taking office as soon as possible. The new government may gain market access for Pakistani textile products from the United States, Canada, the European Union and Japan. They pointed out that as a front-line country, Pakistan has suffered the most economic and financial losses. Although Pakistan has paid the greatest human and material costs in the international anti-terrorist struggle, in turn, Pakistan’s leadership has not taken advantage of developed countries and developed partners. Get proper compensation.   They said that although the population of the United States, Canada, the European Union and Japan are all 20% of the world’s population, they account for 80% of the world’s GDP. They said that the new government should re-negotiate with developed countries to participate in the international war on terrorism. Negotiations must include free agreements, abolition of visa restrictions, a generalized system of preferences, and lower market access barriers.   They complained that the outgoing government did not conduct serious negotiations with international partners on these issues, causing the current trade to be out of balance, Pakistan’s export decline, domestic social injustices, and dramatic changes at the same time.  They demanded that the United States should declare the entire Pakistan as a reconstruction opportunity zone to replace the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Seismic Areas, especially rural areas. Only in this way can the Pakistani country participate in the international fight against terrorism with confidence.
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