The Indian government looks for new ways to import cotton

by:JIYALI     2021-08-15
Due to the appreciation of the rupee, the Indian textile industry is going through a difficult period, and the textile industry is a major pillar of the Indian economy. At the same time, small fluctuations in the textile industry have also caused the government's anxiety.   In 2007, the textile industry had almost no profits. In order to make up for the heavy blow suffered by the textile industry, the government may announce a package of measures with support funds close to 50 billion rupees.   At a recent meeting, Mr Elangovan, Minister of Textiles and Textiles of India, said that the government will soon decide whether to import cotton from Africa and Uzbekistan. In addition, the central government and state government officials in charge of the textile business will also encourage discussions in the industry to examine the reasons behind the rise in cotton yarn prices.   The handloom industry is in a bad situation and has attracted the attention of government officials. In order to revive the poor textile industry, the government decided to merge the sales promotion plan with the export arrangements for handlooms in the Tenth Five-Year Plan, and to revise and add new content during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan.  Mr Elangovan also said that the government is working hard to set new directions for existing policies. Handloom enterprises can obtain key development inputs, such as adequate credit, production funds, marketing infrastructure, and appropriate technology.
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