The Indian government announced an increase in leather export inspection procedures

by:JIYALI     2021-08-17
The Indian government recently announced that it will only allow the export of finished leather and tanned leather through the seaports of Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. In addition to the above three ports, there are two other inland container freight yards in Kanpur and Danglakhabad on the list of permits. Inside, according to the General Administration of Foreign Trade of India.   Only ports and inland container yards approved by the General Administration of Foreign Trade of India can export finished leather, wet blue leather, etc.  In the early days, these products could be exported through all ports in India. However, now it needs to go through a special inspection procedure.  According to the requirements of the procedures, the staff of the Indian Leather Research Institute at various ports need to take samples from the exported leather for inspection and submit them to the customs.  The Indian Leather Research Institute or qualified laboratories will be notified from time to time to test and inspect the samples according to the finished leather standards. A person from the General Administration of Foreign Trade of India said.   A senior official said that the move is expected to help restrict the export of primary processed leather.  Our goal is to export value-added products. Now in the aforementioned ports and inland container yards, technicians from the Leather Export Committee will inspect the exported goods on site. The official added. (
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