The importance of the master to the leather factory

by:JIYALI     2021-05-20
Nowadays, many bag wholesale companies provide bag styles, leather materials or samples, and then special leather processing factories will process the bags. This kind of processing mode of processing samples, materials or drawings for customers has become the main source of packages. However, many people here are questioning whether the quality of the bags produced by this processing mode is up to the standard? In other words, how can the bags made by the leather goods factory meet the quality of samples or the needs of customers?

In general, this requires the leather goods factory to be equipped with first-class pattern-making or prototype pattern-making masters. As long as the pattern-making master of the leather goods processing factory has passed the test, the final bag style and size must be the same as the customer's request, or the samples provided are exactly the same.

Anyone who knows the leather processing industry knows that the processing technology and production process of different types and styles of leather products are also different, even if the same For men's bags or women's bags, they will also require different customized crafts for proofing or boarding due to different types.

During this process, the importance of pattern-making masters in the leather goods factory has also been highlighted. The skilled pattern-making masters can meet the requirements of each bag with different styles. Features: Different production techniques are used for sampling and pattern making, so that the bags produced can fully meet the needs of customers and are exactly the same as the samples.

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