The future of the luggage customization industry lies in quality monitoring

by:JIYALI     2021-05-10
There is a crisis behind the crisis of the luggage customization industry. This sentence is suitable to describe the current situation of the domestic luggage production industry. It is understood that the luggage factory, which has been through for decades, has experienced many industry shocks, and each time is a reshuffle, and there has never been an exception. After the reshuffle, some companies will always disappear without a trace, but the crisis is more than that.

The unqualified items of leather goods customization mainly focus on material problems. Men’s bags, women’s bags, wallets, briefcases and other areas are mostly problematic. Industry insiders believe: 'The problem of luggage leather is almost a common problem in the industry, but it has not attracted widespread attention. In recent years, the gradual exposure of the problem has affected the healthy development of the industry.'

The common problems in China's luggage customization industry: weak awareness of quality and safety, low operating skills of workers, backward production level of workshop-type enterprises, low-level positioning of the industry as a whole, enterprises pursuing immediate benefits, lack of long-term brand awareness, etc. . Due to the high threshold of export, over time, foreign trade export has become the 'touchstone' of quality. Industrial clusters with large export volumes are undoubtedly the industrial highlands in terms of quality.

Analyzed by industry insiders, “Quality is the most basic condition for the survival and development of an enterprise. Nowadays, many enterprises in the surrounding areas have their own leather bag inspection centers, which shows that enterprises are The importance of clothing safety has been deeply understood. But controlling quality is a difficult problem, especially from the perspective of the industrial chain. It is not easy.' For business owners, only quality control can control luggage customization companies. s future.

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