The fifth process parking space for leather goods processing

by:JIYALI     2021-05-16
In the first, second, third and fourth processes of leather processing, we talked about the details of the various steps of the cutting shovel and the oil side table, then we will talk about the fifth process of leather processing.

The following is the detailed description of the parking space of the fifth process of leather processing:

1. The tabletop, shuttle bed, bobbin, thread core, needles, etc. should be cleaned before the parking space during leather processing. , It is necessary to take the waste to test the run, and adjust the stitch length according to the production requirements at the same time, especially when the car is light-colored, it is easy to get dirty. Wipe the tram and use the waste to test the car before getting on the train;

2. When leather goods are processed, the stitch length of handbag stitching is 7 stitches per inch (including the dark thread), the stop is 0.75 minutes, the stitch stitching of small leather goods such as inner marks is 9-10 stitches, and the silver-coated stitching stitching is 9-10 stitches. The needle stop is the same as 0.75 (special notice will be given in special circumstances);

3. The needles used in handbags and wallets are generally 14#, 16#, 18#, 20#, 22#, 24 #Pointed needles, use knife needles for car skins or more brittle materials;

4. Regardless of whether the high car, flat car, or DY car treads on the car, the force should be even, and the force of the tram itself should be used to feed the material. Do not push hard, otherwise the material will easily wrinkle or deform;

5, the soft bag buried pocket mouth is 2 minutes, and the bone bag buried pocket is 1.5 minutes;


6. When leather processing, the positioning lines on both ends of the outer window or both ends of the window are 5 stitches, and the stitching lines at both ends of the inner zipper window are 4 stitches;

7. Inner pockets when processing leather goods The fixed triangle is horizontally divided into two stitches, and the obliquely divided into three stitches. It needs to be reinforced;

8, the zipper should be buried in the correct length and the drawing position can be used;

9, The hidden thread of the inner bag should be selected according to the color of the material at the mouth of the bag. The stop of the bag should not be less than 2 points, and the middle grid should be inverted.

10. There should be no open thread during leather processing. Reversed stitches and heavy threads. In special circumstances, the heavy thread must be aligned with the original needle hole thread. For example, the wiring of the shoulder strap is subject to three stitches, and the thread that needs to be reversed should be aligned with the original needle hole. At the three-needle position, turn the needle back to the side and then turn to the middle to narrow the needle;

11. When turning the double thread, the double thread spacing and stitch spacing should be kept even;

12. When the zipper passes through the slider position, push the slider to make the zipper coming out of the car straight;

13. When leather processing, the position where the car line turns to a right angle should be avoided as much as possible. Phenomenon, but also to avoid that the corners of the car line are prone to different paper mouths and different stitch distances, mainly because the position of the needle heel is not flat or the position is too tight;

14 、Nylon should be added to the force-bearing position;

15. The side bones are generally 2mm cores for small bags, and 2.5mm or 3mm cores for big bags. The material is relatively soft, considering that the bag should be firm after completion. You can consider using T-bone if you want to start. Generally, hollow bone is better for bags with a sharp corner. If the material is not loose, the bone should be cut when the bone is discharged. The material with loose edges should not be cut when the bone is discharged, such as Nylon material, easy-to-scatter canvas, satin material, etc.,

16. When making bone-in-the-bag bone strips, connect the double bones, that is, wrap the bones in the middle with the materials on both sides, not just wrap them. One side;

17. The structure of the dark line and then the open line during leather processing (That is, the practice of car back pressure line) Do not pull the car back position too tightly to expose the hidden thread pinhole, fold the line a little, cut the teeth at the corner, and the leather bag must be hammered and straightened before pressing the line.

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