The European Commission temporarily shelved reforms to anti-dumping laws

by:JIYALI     2021-08-04
French 'Echos' reported that last weekend, due to the failure of EU member states to agree to amend the anti-dumping and countervailing laws, the European Commission Trade Commissioner Mandelson decided to shelve this reform plan. In 2006, the European Commission proposed to amend the anti-dumping and countervailing laws to resist unfair competition in other countries, and hopes to increase the transparency of trade protection laws, taking full account of factors such as subcontracting and the transfer of enterprise production to low-cost countries. Mandelson believes that as companies in EU member states face increasing imports of products from new economic countries such as China, it is necessary to reform anti-dumping rules. Anti-dumping duties have severely hit EU companies that produce overseas. In order to implement this reform, at the end of 2006, the European Commission extensively solicited the opinions of European business, industry, importers and distributors, and the interviewees had mixed opinions. European industry questioned this. In June 2007, representatives of 10 European industries including textiles, chemicals, metals, iron ore, and fertilizers complained to European Commission President Barroso, accusing Mandelson of using technical and bureaucratic methods to minimize the use of trade protection laws. . In 2006, regardless of the interests of large retailers in some members of the European Union (such as Sweden and the United Kingdom), the European Commission imposed anti-dumping duties on shoes imported from some Asian countries (China, India). In 2007, the EU member states had serious disagreements due to the European Commission’s adoption of the EU’s largest manufacturer of energy-saving lamps-Osram's proposal to impose anti-dumping duties on compact fluorescent energy-saving lamps imported from China. This move was met by the Dutch Phillips company. Strongly opposed, because the company set up a factory in China and produced a large number of energy-saving lamps. Mandelson pointed out that the EU steel company's request for the European Commission to impose anti-dumping duties on steel imported from China will be the next battle between China and Europe. And he believes that this will be a very difficult case.
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