The European Commission issued a draft for amending Annex XVII of REACH on hexavalent chromium

by:JIYALI     2021-08-06
On July 12, 2013, the European Commission issued a draft for amending Annex XVII of REACH on hexavalent chromium. The draft regulations require that the hexavalent chromium content of leather products that are in contact with human skin, calculated on the basis of the dry weight of the leather product, exceeds or equals 3mg/kg shall not be placed on the EU market; if the products in contact with human skin contain leather parts, leather parts shall be used. The content of hexavalent chromium calculated by dry weight is more than or equal to 3mg/kg and shall not be placed on the EU market. The draft is planned to be approved in the first quarter of 2014 and will be implemented one year after approval. The Zhejiang Technical Trade Measures Research and Response Center urges all relevant units to pay close attention to the latest developments of the regulations and actively take countermeasures to reduce the risks of export trade. 1. Zhejiang Province Involved in the Export of Leather-related Products The leather industry in Zhejiang Province is composed of tannery, shoemaking, leather goods, leather clothing, fur and products industries. After 30 years of rapid development, a relatively complete industrial chain has been formed within the leather industry. According to statistics, there are more than 3,000 enterprises in the main leather industry, with an output of 5 billion pairs of shoes, more than 300 million leather bags, and 20 million leather garments. According to Hangzhou Customs data, the export value of leather and leather shoe products in Zhejiang Province in 2012 was about 7.56 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for about one-third of my country's total exports. According to some industry associations, the implementation of this regulation will not only increase the cost of products and reduce the international competitiveness of Zhejiang’s leather products, but more importantly, because it cannot completely eliminate the production of hexavalent chromium, it will become the EU restriction. The export interface of provincial products has caused serious trade frictions and even closed the door for Zhejiang Province’s leather products to export to the EU. The draft regulations notified by the European Union are a huge obstacle to the strategic goal of my country's leather industry to leap from a big leather country to a strong leather country. The implementation of this regulation will inevitably lead to frequent trade frictions between my country and the European Union. In the future, the leather products trade between the two sides will make us subject to others and put us in an extremely disadvantaged position. 2. The leather goods, leather shoes, luggage supplies, etc. included in the proposal notification are the province's traditional traditional export industries, involving many production companies and employees. Doing a good job in response to the EU notification is of great significance to stabilizing Zhejiang's exports. The first is to increase publicity and training to increase confidence in response. Due to the particularity of leather products, the transportation and storage environment has a great influence on the formation of hexavalent chromium in leather even when the production process is controlled. Zhejiang Province should take the EU notification as an opportunity to increase the publicity and training of enterprise-related chromate knowledge, analyze the possible causes of hexavalent chromium from the entire production process, improve the self-management and self-control ability of enterprises, and improve the management level of enterprise personnel Enhance the confidence and level of enterprises to respond. The second is to carry out research on environmentally friendly leather tanning agents. Faced with environmental protection and safety becoming the mainstream of development, Zhejiang enterprises should use technical barriers as a breakthrough, change the method of chromate tanning leather that is harmful to the environment and the human body in the past, and develop new and environmentally friendly leather tanning agents to fundamentally improve The industrial level of our province has achieved industrial upgrading and sustainable development. The third is to research and develop precision testing instruments and methods. The 17075 detection methods adopted by the European Union and my country's GB/T22807-2008 and other methods all use spectrophotometry, which must reach the detection limit of 3 mg/kg, which requires high accuracy of the instrument and the level of experimental operators. Zhejiang Province should take this opportunity to research and develop testing instruments and testing methods with trace precision to occupy the commanding heights of testing.
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