The EU's New Deal affects China's textile and leather exports

by:JIYALI     2021-08-17
It is learned from the China Textile Industry Association that the EU directive to restrict the use of perfluorooctane sulfonyl compounds (PFOS) will be formally implemented on June 27. According to the directive, the PFOS content in finished products sold on the EU market cannot exceed the total mass. Of 0.005%, which signifies that the European Union has formally banned the use of PFOS in commodities. It is understood that this will have a great impact on my country's many export industries. The most severely affected export companies should be textile and leather export companies, because PFOS has the widest range in the textile industry. According to industry insiders, any textiles that need to be printed, dyed and finished must be pre-treated and washed, in addition to UV resistance, antibacterial, etc The additives used in functional finishing may also contain PFOS. However, investigations by authoritative organizations show that most of our export companies have not yet attracted enough attention to the PFOS directive, and they are even unclear about whether their products contain PFOS ingredients.
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