The EU is uneasy to welcome the end of China's textile quotas

by:JIYALI     2021-08-01
The EU is about to face the end of China's textile import quota at the end of the year. The EU is worried that it will again face a new flood of Chinese-made T-shirts and pants.   The quota management system agreed between the EU and China in 2005 will be replaced by a joint surveillance system, which will monitor whether there is a new upsurge in Chinese imports next year.   Based on this system, 8 of the 10 types of clothing under quota management will be included in China’s export license management, and will be monitored when entering Europe.   After the end of the global textile quota in January 2005, a large number of low-priced Chinese clothing entered Europe like a flood, leading to a new temporary quantity restriction agreement between the Chinese and the EU governments.  According to the agreement on China's accession to the WTO, the EU can implement special safeguard measures on Chinese imports when necessary.   EU officials do not rule out the possibility that a large number of Chinese clothing will enter the EU again after the temporary quota ends.   European Union legislators earlier this month urged the European Commission to be vigilant about the possible climax of imports and urged 27 countries’ regulatory agencies to take immediate action when necessary.   EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson told the European Parliament that if there is a sudden surge of Chinese textiles, the committee has the right to use any means at any time. The textile problem has caused tensions in the trade relations between the EU and China. The EU condemns China for keeping the renminbi artificially low, preventing EU goods from entering China, and it also flaunts copyright rules.  Mandelson said: I think the textile problem is a symbolic problem in the wide range of problems we face in China.   He said, we hope to get the same opportunities and fair treatment in the Chinese market, just like the opportunities and fair treatment Chinese manufacturers get in our market.   With the rapid expansion of the EU's trade deficit with China, EU officials began to attack China from public opinion, accusing China of not developing markets for European goods.  Patrick Itschert, President of the European Textile, Apparel and Leather Merchants Trade Union, said that we truly hope that China will open its market to European textiles.   European statistics show that the EU's trade deficit with China last year was as high as 128 billion euros (184 billion US dollars), and it may increase to 170 billion euros in 2007.   According to a recent survey conducted by the German Marshall Foundation (an American think tank), about 55% of Europeans feel the threat of China’s rise as an economic power.
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