The economic downturn has caused a large number of recent layoffs in companies such as Israeli textiles

by:JIYALI     2021-08-19
Israel’s manufacturing, textile, and high-tech industries have recently laid off a large number of employees and moved their factories to the Far East. The total number of layoffs in one day on June 29 alone was as high as hundreds.  Fox Fashion Company announced that it will close its production line in Israel and move the factory to the Far East. The factory has been operating in a dismal operation for several years. After moving its factories to Jordan and Turkey, Gibor Sports Equipment also announced that it would lay off 150 employees. In addition, the startup Qlusters unexpectedly closed the company and laid off all employees after receiving an investment of 34 million U.S. dollars.   It is understood that the main reasons for the recent large number of layoffs in Israeli companies are the soaring international oil prices, the global economic downturn, and the continued appreciation of the Israeli currency shekel, which has had a serious impact on Israeli exports.
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