The difference between shoulder bag and messenger bag must learn to distinguish clearly

by:JIYALI     2021-07-05

Shoulder bags and messenger bags have only one strap. Many people can’t tell the difference between these two bags. In fact, these are two very different bags. Let’s take a look at what they have. Make a difference.

The difference between a shoulder bag and a messenger bag

1. There is only one strap on a shoulder bag. There are not many items that can be stored and the practicability is not strong. Therefore, MMs who like shoulder bags generally pursue fashion and like Dress yourself up exquisitely. Generally, black is the most versatile. The messenger bag is a bag that can be carried diagonally, and the fabric is mostly wear-resistant, tear-proof and waterproof, so it has strong practicability and good durability.

2. Compared with the messenger bag, the shoulder bag has more styles, especially suitable for young people with personality. Most people who love to carry messenger bags are cool or sporty people, or shop managers.

3. Actually, there are many shoulder bags on the market that can also be used as the back of a messenger bag, and the messenger bag can also be used as a shoulder bag, so you don't have to be too entangled when buying. The difference between the two Sex is not big, the key is to see if it suits you.

Which one is better, shoulder bag or messenger bag

Both have their own advantages, and it depends on our specific collocation. I personally feel that if you dress more casually, you can allocate a wider diagonal bag. If you dress more fashionable and avant-garde, you can allocate a shoulder bag that looks better.

Women who like shoulder bags reveal a search for quality everywhere. They consider issues more comprehensively, tend to be rational, and are rational people who coordinate content and methods. Will not be swayed by reason, very idea. At the juncture of choosing a plan, they tend to be more thorough and careful. But the powerful aura that it exudes can shock the people around it. The messenger bag is a bag that can be carried across the body. The bag is no longer a woman's patent. The bag has become one of the men's personal items when going out, especially the messenger bag, which is not only convenient but also generous.

Shoulder bag and messenger bag comparison

First of all, looking at the appearance, the more obvious is the difference in shoulder straps. Under normal circumstances, the shoulder strap of a shoulder bag is better than that of a messenger bag. The width is larger. There is another difference. The length of the crossbody bag can be adjusted at will, but the shoulder bag is not. Under normal circumstances, the length of the shoulder strap of the crossbody bag will be longer than that of the shoulder bag.

There is also a different emphasis on the style design of the two bags. Under normal circumstances, the shoulder bag will look more formal, the messenger bag style is more casual. There are also slight differences in the people who use it. More men use messenger bags, and women generally use shoulder bags. Bags need to be equipped with appropriate clothes, and different styles will have different effects.

Shoulder bag maintenance method

1. Use it with care, and the bag can last as long as new. In normal use, to avoid scratches on the bag, avoid sharp gifts. To prevent the bag from getting wet by rain, try to put the bag in a plastic bag before going out on rainy days. Always be careful not to spill coffee or juice on it, otherwise the bag is easy to get dirty and damaged.

2. Bags should not be exposed to the sun often, so don't leave them in the sun for too long after cleaning, and choose a place with weak light and dry ventilation as much as possible.

3. Don’t use the bag for the time being, but also pay attention to maintenance. It is recommended to put it in a carton or pack it in a cotton bag to avoid dust and heavy objects. If you have enough soft toilet paper at home, you can put toilet paper into the bag to maintain the shape of the bag.

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