The details of custom-made high-end leather chest bags should pay attention to

by:JIYALI     2021-05-23
In my impression, the chest bag is a more fashionable bag, especially the bag style that young guys prefer. So if you need to go to a large-scale custom leather chest bag, what problems should you pay attention to?

Details to pay attention to when customizing a chest bag. First, choose the material of the chest bag. Commonly used materials include natural leather, synthetic leather, imported PU, domestic PU, plastic, canvas, animal fur, etc., which can be selected according to the budget. Choose the most suitable material for you. Second, determine the details of the chest bag, such as the design points of the chest bag, the length of the strap, the size of the capacity, and which hardware accessories to choose, etc. Determining these details can greatly facilitate the manufacturer’s design and allow the manufacturer to design more in line with itself The gift chest bag on demand.

Third, customized gift pockets must pay attention to the workmanship of the product. The quality of the product determines the success or failure of the promotional activities. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the stitching is not loose, skewed, whether the leather is wrinkled, the handle, Hardware such as buckle is sturdy and practical, and the functional bag in the bag is designed reasonably. Fourth, the most important thing is that custom chest bags need to find a strong and large-scale manufacturer that can cooperate with them for production and processing, as well as guaranteeing later product services.

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