The characteristics of several imported cowhides made of leather products

by:JIYALI     2021-05-25
With the current economic development, more and more leather processing manufacturers have begun to use imported leather, and these imported leathers are the most widely used cowhide. Let us see the characteristics of different countries:

1, Asia The most famous cowhide in the area has to be admitted to be Korean soft cowhide, even though most of his culture comes from China. Korean soft cowhide texture: flexible, thick, low-key gloss Appearance: conservative but not rigid, mature and stable.

2. When it comes to Italy, we have to talk about the famous Milan. Milan is known as the fashion capital in Italy, and it reveals a sense of fashion everywhere. Italian polished calfskin, its texture: fine grain, bright, flexible and firm, appearance: reserved and elegant, gentleman style.

3. In the Spanish bullfighting program, everyone is familiar with it. There are many people who admire matadors, and they do not rule out the day when they become matadors. The characteristics of imported Spanish cowhide are: thick, strong, and wear-resistant, it is the best material for making leather shoes. Spanish embossed two-layer cowhide texture: the leather is flexible and feels good, the appearance: the grain is fine and regular, and Guanze is gentle and natural.

4. As a major export country, the United States has an irreplaceable source of leather in terms of leather. Just like the United States, large litchi pattern and glass pattern cowhide are the best choice for cowhide imports in many countries and regions.

These four imported cowhides are currently the most commonly used fabrics for leather goods processing and production of gifts. These leather materials have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The specific choice depends on your personal preferences and specific requirements. . JIYALI factory is a leather processing manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, and has rich experience in purchasing leather materials.

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