Textile workers in Bangladesh protest unethical

by:JIYALI     2021-08-03
The Rokeya Sarani street in Mirpur, Bangladesh was blocked by workers from more than 20 factories who protested the closure of SQ Sweater Co., Ltd. without any prior notice. The street was almost paralyzed all day due to traffic jam.     After a night shift worker was forced to work and died, it aroused the anger of the workers. The workers in the garment production factory early proposed a two-day strike. Taking advantage of Bangladesh's 2006 labor law, the management of SQ Knitwear Co., Ltd. closed the factory under the pretext of paying attention to illegal strikes.      Unlike this decision, the workers plan to initiate a more general boycott, demanding an alternative decision. Workers from other factories also joined the strike to protest the frequent unethical behavior of factory owners.
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