Teach you how to choose a leather processing factory

by:JIYALI     2021-05-19
Choosing a leather processing factory itself is a more complicated matter. After years of experience, the editor will share with you some experience in finding a leather processing factory.

First, where are the leather goods processing factories? Three provinces that manufacture leather goods in China are well-known, namely, Hebei and Zhejiang. Each of these three places has its own advantages, and the focus is on making decisions based on their product positioning.

Second, which factories are your dishes. The manufacturing supply chain also pays attention to the right approach. Your annual sales are only 500w, and you find a large factory with 1,000 people to do it for you. This is pure nonsense. Because your order volume determines that you are the smallest among his customer base, many leather goods processing factories will not pay attention to you. This will cause problems in the later cooperation.

Third, what is the factory positioning. Each leather processing factory has its own superior categories, and the current industrial clustering is also relatively obvious. For example, if you want a low price, you can go to Hebei. You can go for high-end ones. Choosing a good positioning can strike a balance between price and quality.

Fourth, there are many leather goods processing factories, which one to choose? JIYALI prompts 2 points of experience for reference, 1, preferably a factory with proofing ability, 2, select a complete process before and after. Many small factories do not have a pattern maker and subsequent processes. Such factories may have risks in terms of delivery speed and quality.

Fifth, how can you trust this factory? Pay attention to the following 2 points: 1. The history of the factory. Leather processing factories that can survive for more than 5 years will not be too bad. 2. Proportion of old workers, making e-commerce orders because of the small amount of money exchange orders. The stability of the factory is very important. Old workers mostly represent the stability of the factory personnel.

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