Talking about the QC Inspection Standards of Leather Goods Manufacturers

by:JIYALI     2021-05-18
Each leather goods production factory will have a dedicated quality inspection department and quality inspection personnel. The quality inspection personnel are usually called Quality Control, or QC for short. They mainly monitor whether the product has quality problems during the production process, and then the product Whether the finished product has quality problems, and whether the raw materials arrive at the factory are unqualified. Of course, every QC has a quality inspection standard when inspecting products, so let's take a look at those standards.

1. The quality requirements of raw materials for leather processing

Leather material: Whether the color is different from the color card selected by the customer, whether there will be peeling, fading, etc. Lining: It is required that the appearance is free of stains, no drawnwork, and whether the color is the color selected by the customer. Zipper: It is required to have no fading appearance, no tooth loss, and whether there is any phenomenon such as tooth jamming when trying to pull. Hardware: Check the appearance of the hardware for scratches, discoloration, oxidation, etc.

The above are the quality requirements for processing leather raw materials, and unqualified raw materials cannot be fed to the countertop for production.

2. Leather production process requirements

(1) When the bag is embossing LOGO, the pattern should be clear, the wrong font, the leather material, and the wrong position are not acceptable. .

(2) When processing the oily edge of leather goods, it is required that the oily edge should not be passed over, not beaded or scratched, and must not be scratched, and should be full and smooth.

(3) Wrinkled leather should be ironed and smoothed before production. (4) Folded zipper windows must be rectangular, broken corners are not acceptable. Folding edges should be smooth and straight, not blank or curved, and chain windows must not be rotten. (5) The mouth of the bag should be flat, neat, aligned with the teeth, no glue should be exposed, the shoulder width should be narrow, and the length should be the same. (6) The handles and shoulder straps are oil-edged and must be covered with rubber tubes. (7) There should be no jumpers, broken wires, or missing car lines during leather processing, and the inner mark of the lining should not be reversed, reversed, bent, or deflected. (8) The quality requirements of the hardware technology are missing nails, deformed, too loose, too tight, scratched, electroplating exposed copper bottom, and the surface of the leather material is not acceptable. The internal markings of the hardware are not acceptable, and the nails are not firm. (9) The thread end should be burned flat, and no long thread end should be left. If the leather material is burnt or the burnt thread will leave a mark, it is not acceptable. (10) Leaked placement, misplaced shoulder straps, leaked moisture-proof beads, missed hanging, or wrong hanging tags are unacceptable. (11) The order of entering the plastic bag and the location of the adhesive tape should be unified. The wrong cloth bag or plastic bag is unacceptable. (12) Barcode stickers should be affixed in a uniform position, and the wrong stickers will not be accepted.

The above is a rough quality inspection standard for leather goods processing, and it is also very important. As a leather goods manufacturer, QC needs to think from the perspective of consumers, not only checking whether the product quality is qualified, but also Most of the time, it is necessary to find the problem from the consumer's point of view, so as to solve the problem.

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