Talking about the production process of wallet manufacturers

by:JIYALI     2021-05-17
I believe that many customers will be curious about the process of wallet production. In fact, the process of making a wallet in a leather goods factory is the key to making. If there is an error in the procedure, it will cause quality problems in the finished product of the wallet. Therefore, in the process of making a wallet, the details cannot be ignored. Then I will give you a general introduction to the production process of the wallet.

1. The designer draws the paper grid according to the wallet to be made. The higher the accuracy of the paper grid, the closer the bag will be to the designer's original intention. Some leather goods manufacturers use computers to output paper grids, and many leather goods manufacturers still use manual paper grids. Although it is slower than computers, every detail needs to be processed in place. This is a relatively large proportion of manual paper output grids. Advantage.

2. Selecting raw materials, high-quality raw materials, can make the life of the bag longer. Therefore, a custom-made wallet must naturally use good raw materials, and the wallet made by doing this is perfect in terms of texture and quality.

3, leather cutting, according to the designer's paper grid for leather cutting.

4. Splicing of raw materials, hand-made leather goods need to use many tools, such as professional leather glue, special sewing sewing machine and so on. These steps require the technical level of the maker. A fashionable bag must not be just good-looking, but also durable and practical. Some wallets will not break after more than ten years of use, which requires testing the craftsmanship of the producer.

After the above general steps, a fashionable wallet is born in the wallet manufacturer. Every production process needs to be detailed in order to ensure the quality.

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