Talking about the development trend of luggage LOGO

by:JIYALI     2021-05-18
Some time ago, the Nike brand became a big hit. Because candidates and parents wore Nike's iconic logo all over their bodies for the sake of luck, it means that all the answers to the exam are Nike logos. It seems that a brand's logo is really important. Today we take this opportunity to analyze the development trend of luggage logos!

Many classic luxury logos, such as LV, Gucci, and Fendi, basically use a pattern composition method in the plane composition-four squares are continuous, which is actually a superimposed and repeated pattern. This combination can visually give people a uniform sense of rhythm, making the picture appear more integrated, and at the same time giving the overall graphics a strong beauty of order. It is precisely because of the satisfaction and pleasure brought by repetition that it is widely used by designers, among which houndstooth has become one of the most classic cases of luxury patterns.

When luxury goods first entered the market, people’s pursuit of logos was beyond imagination. The existence of logos is like a label, more like making consumers feel that they are showing their social status through the brand. . However, this situation has also been quietly changing in recent years. Mature consumers no longer need to use obvious logos to satisfy their vanity. Luxury brands have also begun to 'make logos low-keyMore sophisticated. Therefore, the competitive advantage of luggage in the future will be more inclined to the quality service of luggage and so on. If you have more views, welcome to communicate with each other.

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