Talking about the development history of leather bags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-18
Since the development of leather bag customization, after many years of ups and downs, now bags have become people's daily necessities. It is not only practical, fashionable and portable, but also makes modern people's lives more characteristic of the times.

In the early 19th century, the first generation of handbags came into being. Since people's clothes were tight at the time, so that there was nowhere to put their pockets, these pockets were tied to be worn and gradually became part of the clothes. At that time, handbags began to slowly become popular and became the most important must-have for women. The early handbags were handmade by the family, combining embroidery, beading techniques and lace craftsmanship. They were both decorative and marked the quality of young women's craftsmanship.

In the 1860s, handbags began to become fashionable decorations to match the clothing of the time, and then small bags and leather bags with bracelets appeared. Handbags are generally of metal frame or wooden frame structure, and the bag surface is made of leather. Leather processing and printing and dyeing technology have a profound impact on the manufacture and style of this handbag. Especially in Germany, as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the color of leather bags was already very bright and eye-catching. In the 1920s, the increase in women's demand for cigarettes and cosmetics caused changes in women's accessories. Diamonds and marcasite began to appear on leather bags, and leather bags made of scorpion and crocodile leather are also very popular.

In the 1940s, the world was at war, and the design of leather bags was more practical. The impact of the war prompted the emergence of backpacks. After the war, due to the impact of the war, there was a shortage of metal and leather. At this time, cloth bags appeared, and popular, washable plastic bags were even more popular.

With the continuous innovation of modern life, the leather bag is also experiencing its own revolution. Leather bags made of modern materials came into being. This new material includes shiny plastic, waterproof polyvinyl, vinyl, transparent plastic and various synthetic fabrics. The emergence of youthful and energetic miniskirts and the transformation of trousers require matching new styles of leather bags. Some young designers, in response to the needs of the development of the times, began to explore new styles of leather bags. In modern business activities, high-end black leather bags and small suitcases with sharp edges can be seen everywhere. And some elegant feminine styles still maintain absolute classics. I believe that the evolution of wallets is also closely related to leather bags. As if they have taken root in the lives of women and women, they have become a tradition.

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