Talking about selling men's and women's bags and how to find a bag processing factory

by:JIYALI     2021-05-17
As an online Taobao seller or the owner of a physical store, in this fiercely competitive market environment, you want to sell men's and women's bags to meet the needs of customers and maximize your benefits. When looking for products, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. Which style of men's and women's bags are we selling?

Current leather products are all-encompassing, with a wide variety of leather products, including domestic leather, imported leather, PU leather, etc., and there are many styles, such as woven bags, flat bags, etc., you must first Find out which type of product you want to make, because if you want to make each style together, it will be no different from a grocery store.

Second, the positioning of the customer population and the positioning of the consumption level.

Who are you selling to? Men, women and children, (including professional groups), do a screening and make a plan for the selected group. Which range is the target customer's consumption level, so as to match one's cost budget when choosing products.

3. Which style should be used in the decoration of the store? (Including online shops, set a set of humanized page templates)

In fact, some people think that the business has not been completed yet, and they spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to decorate a small shop. The storefront is very uneconomical. This idea is very wrong. The so-called people rely on clothing and Buddha relies on gold. Then the store depends on the store decoration. If you think about it, you walk down the street into a store where you want to buy a leather bag. If the overall feeling is tall, do you feel that the bag you want is more reliable? On the contrary, a shop with casual decoration and display gives the impression that bags are also low-end and low-end. Therefore, after you choose a good product and target the crowd, you must make a combination of the decoration of your store. You need to know that a straw is tied to the crab and placed on the hotel table. That's all money.

Online storefronts, Taobao and 1688 are currently more popular. Don’t trust some so-called service providers, good companies, that are free to help. You decorate, in fact, just find a set of free templates to put on it. Then put the product picture P in several places on the homepage, then put the product on the shelves in a mess and it's done. The deceitful person. (This is just the practice of some service companies I have seen. Of course, there are also some very professional companies.) So, we must find a professional photography company and professional page decoration staff to get it. The quality of the picture determines the quality of your leather bag. And when doing image processing, you should take the customer as the center. Think about which side of the product that the incoming customers want to know, is it the details, material, appearance, or the overall effect? u200bu200bThe quality of a page template design determines the customer’s stay time. Whether there is enough information and a brief introduction to keep the customer to browse and finally make a deal.

After talking about the above points, the next step is to tell you how to find a leather goods manufacturer for your own products. A search engine searched, thousands and hundreds of manufacturers came out, and the choice entanglement broke out immediately. Some leather goods manufacturers do not make real leather, some do not make PU leather, some have high MOQ, and some have higher requirements than your own. So how should we choose?

First of all, we must first understand the cost of a product. For example, if we want to make a woven bag, which parts of its cost consist of?

1, leather price.

2, the cost of the loss of leather.

3, the price of accessories.

4, the cost of a single package.

5, processing fee and packaging.

The above points are the cost components of a woven bag. With these references, you can find out whether the price of the product you need is reasonable when you consult with the leather processing factory. Of course, the general manufacturers will first understand your needs before starting the board, and then they can make a quotation.

Secondly, we must understand the after-sales service and delivery date of a leather processing factory. These two points must be emphasized when signing the contract, which is a guarantee for you. No matter how large the scale is, no matter how good the details are, if there is not a caring and guaranteed service system and on-time delivery, everything is empty talk.

Finally, after discussing with the manufacturer, it is to sign the contract, pay the deposit, wait for the production to be completed, pay, deliver, and sell the cash.

The above are some insights on selling leather products and finding leather manufacturers, I hope it will be helpful to some friends.

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