Tajikistan builds more textile factories to support the textile industry

by:JIYALI     2021-08-10
In this fall, three new textile factories in Tajikistan will be put into operation, the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan said. The new plants that will be put into production are located in Yovon, Saraband and Zafarobod.  According to previous reports, the textile factory in Yovon will be constructed by HIMA in Dushanbe, the company in Sarband will be initiated by TAMER, and the company in Zafarobod will be constructed by Khujand and Khujand's previous partners of the cotton investment company.   According to the currently implemented National Light Industry Development Support Plan, 7 textile companies are planned to be built in Tajikistan. The light industry development support plan will be implemented until 2015.
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