Taiwan's textile industry's India sales exhibition received enthusiastic response

by:JIYALI     2021-08-17
Taiwan Textile Industry India 2008, led by the Taiwan Textile Industry Association, was opened today in New Delhi, the capital of India. It exhibited knitting, lace, polyester yarn made from recycled plastic and sweat-absorbing and antibacterial yarn made of bamboo charcoal materials. The rare products in the Indian market have gained great interest from the Indian industry, and there are an endless stream of textile customers visiting. The Extension Exhibition was held in the exhibition hall of the international five-star Meridien Hotel in the center of New Delhi. Singh, Director of the Textile Department of India, and Liu Ruijia, Project Manager of the Asia-Pacific Affairs Section of the Marketing Development Department of the Textile Council, cut the ribbon together. Officials from the Republic of China Representative Office in India and India Many distinguished guests, including textile industry leaders, watched the ceremony.   After the opening ceremony, many Indian industry players couldn't wait to visit and negotiate at the exhibition. The Top Selling exhibition will close tomorrow. Liu Ruijia, who also serves as the head of the Top Selling Group, told the Central News Agency that the exhibition in New Delhi was the last stop of the Top Selling Group. Before that, it had been exhibited for one day at Dirup, a major textile town in southern India, on May 31. , Received enthusiastic response, about 700 Indian manufacturers visited and interviewed, and the exhibition effect was good.   Later, the sales delegation was transferred to Mumbai, India's largest city, on June 2 to 3, and it also attracted many Indian industry players to come and visit. Liu Ruijia said that Taiwan's textile products, especially knitting, lace, plastic-recycled polyester yarns and bamboo charcoal materials made of sweat-absorbent and antibacterial yarns, are rare products in the Indian market, and Indian companies are showing great interest. , And the most visitors inquired about these types of products. Nianting Ko, representative of Taiwanese exhibitor Fusheng Textile Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the production of special yarns, also said that the Indian market is a market with huge potential. In addition to ordinary traditional cotton, cloth and other plain weave and knitted products, it is also very important for technology and advanced products. The demand is also great, and it is a highly developed market. This trade fair is part of the entire export activities of the Textile Extension Association. A total of 17 large Taiwanese manufacturers participated in the exhibition, including suppliers of yarn, cloth and accessories; the products on display included knitted fabrics, single-bead mesh fabrics, and jacquard Yao grain velvet, air mesh cloth, acrylic yarn, fancy yarn and nylon textured yarn, polyester yarn produced from recycled PET bottles, mint cooling, sweat-absorbent and antibacterial yarn, and other laces, zippers, buttons, embroidery and other decorative products.
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