Taiwan Formosa continues to expand its textile printing and dyeing factories in China and Vietnam

by:JIYALI     2021-08-18
Despite many unfavorable factors such as the economic turmoil in Vietnam and rising manufacturing costs in mainland China, Formosa (1434) will continue to expand the production scale of its textile business in China and Vietnam this (97) year, and strengthen the IC packaging and testing of its subsidiary, Formosa Technology. Capacity and added value. Fu Mao’s director said that Fu Mao’s Dong Nai dyeing and finishing plant in Vietnam was put into operation in October this year, and the Guangdong plant in China has a chance to turn a profit. The memory module production line of Fu Mao Technology will be expanded. The third assembly and testing plant is already in the second quarter of this year. Put into production on schedule. These subsidiaries have expanded their scale of operations, and their operations have gradually improved, and the future prospects are promising.     Headquartered in Yunlin, Taiwan, Fu Mao Xingye has transformed into a group operating headquarters, deploying and assisting the operating performance of overseas production businesses. For example, the orders from Columbia, Puma and other brand-name customers that were originally produced by the headquarters were transferred to the Zhongshan factory in Guangdong, China, to build a better development and supply-sale relationship with internationally renowned brands, and the number of finished products orders gradually increased.        The Changshu plant in Jiangsu, China, is mainly dyeing and finishing. It has been successfully put into production, which can enhance the service power of the mainland China and North China markets, and help expand the source of customers and orders.     Fukumao said that in response to China's implementation of the new labor contract law and export tax rebates, Fukumao's mainland factory has introduced the international brand LocaltoLocal strategy and supply platform, and cooperated with internal management to implement various management standards. It is expected that operations will grow further this year.     As for the economic turmoil in Vietnam, will it affect the investment and operation plan of the Vietnam factory? Fumao said that after adjusting the product mix, increasing the proportion of high value-added products, and introducing sophisticated manufacturing processes to reduce waste, the Long An factory in Vietnam has cooperated with brand customers to seize the Southeast Asian market and achieved remarkable results. The Dong Nai plant in Vietnam with an investment of USD 15 million, the first stage of the fabric plant has been put into operation smoothly, and the second stage of the dyeing and finishing plant has begun construction. It is expected to start production in October this year, which will help to win orders for downstream garment factories to accelerate their conversion to Vietnam. , To strengthen the competitive advantage in the regional market of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Fukumao also emphasized that this year it has achieved a high standard of environmental protection process 'Blue MarkMi DDR2 and DDR3 packaging, testing, module product development, research and development of high-capacity multilayer FlashMicroSD memory card products, and extend the packaging technology to the LED die pre-process grinding, cutting, point measurement and classification and other foundry fields, so The product line is more diversified.
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