Spanish retailers promote development with diversified concepts

by:JIYALI     2021-08-13
Romania opened the first Zara Home and Massimo Dutti stores. Massimo Dutti also opened a store in Poland. Zara opens a new store in Moscow. After the opening of these stores, Inditex has maintained a growth trend in Eastern European countries.   The Zara and Massimo Dutti shopping malls in the Baneasa business district of Bucharest will open soon. Other Inditex concepts (Zara, Pull u0026 Bear, Oysho, Bershka and Stradivarius) will also open in the business district. After the opening of these two new malls, Inditex (which landed in Romania in 2004) all operated malls in this country following its own business model.  The new Zara Home and Massimo Dutti malls have a sales area of u200bu200b300 square meters and 250 square meters each, occupying one floor. Zara Home specializes in household products, which are decorated in different styles. In addition, there are Zara Home children's area, cosmetics area, and carpet area. Zara Home has opened stores in 22 countries.   Massimo Dutti has chosen to open shopping malls in the Moscow business district and the capital of Warsaw. The new mall has a sales area of u200bu200b306 square meters, occupying a floor area. Massimo Dutti has opened stores in 34 countries.   The new Zara mall opened in downtown Moscow. The sales area of u200bu200bthe mall is 1,500 square meters. Inditex's 56th store is located in Russia's Manezh business street, one of the most important business districts in the Russian capital, located to the south of the Red Square.  Inditex promotes development with multiple concepts in Russia and Eastern Europe. Therefore, Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Serbia have opened 5 or more Inditex concept stores.
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