Some things that stump wallet manufacturers

by:JIYALI     2021-05-08
The quotation is usually provided to wallet processing manufacturers, which is the most accurate physical quotation. Instead of those customers who first came into contact with wallet customization, they would ask the salesperson how many wallets you have. Without seeing the real object and the picture, I started to inquire about the price. You give him a quotation or not, which is particularly embarrassing at this time.

Today, the editor will give an example: The price gap between BMW and QQ is large for the same car. This is also a car. Let’s talk about the current wallet customization quotation problems encountered!

The first category: customers who don’t know what style of wallets they have, they blindly look for leather processing factories to make inquiries. This type of customer is basically blank. , You gave him a quotation, which is irresponsible to him. If you don’t give him a quotation, he said that you will not even make a quotation if you open a wallet processing factory. Isn't this embarrassing us?

The second category: only provide a simple wallet picture, the specific product parameters and the internal structure diagram of the bag are not clear, even the customer does not know whether they need it or not I don’t understand whether I should follow the original version or choose other materials.

When encountering the above customers, the salesperson's mentality is hard to tell!

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