Some issues that need to be paid attention to in year-end enterprise custom leather bags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-21
More and more companies have joined custom leather bags as one of the most reported gifts for customers, especially this year this trend is getting stronger and stronger. Especially this year, JIYALI has received customized gift packages from customers. Today, Hongfeng editor will help you sort out how to customize leather bags?

1. Find out whether the customized bags are given to customers or employees of their own enterprises, or the bags are sent out as additional products. This is very important. The poor customization of leather bags given to customers and employees shows that the company is not elegant enough and cannot show its strength. If it is sent out as an add-on, it can be customized slightly, after all, it is an add-on product.

2. Determine the style of the leather bag. You can find the style of the enterprise leather bag in the market, and imitate it when you send it to the leather bag processing factory. Or ask a leather bag customization factory to help design a leather bag that fits the corporate style.

3. It is also one of the very important links to determine the manufacturer of the leather bag you are looking for. To find a good quality factory, you basically determine the style and material, and you will not worry about it later. Powerful gift luggage factories basically have their own business team, which can communicate one-on-one. This greatly saves customers' time and costs, so that communication is not hindered.

JIYALI, now located in Baiyun District, is such a senior leather processing factory, customizing and processing gift bags according to customers' drawings and samples all the year round. Or help customers develop and design new leather bags, and help customers solve some problems in customized leather bags. Such a good leather factory, don't you come and see!

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