Should leather processing factories charge sample fees? Must be!

by:JIYALI     2021-05-15
Generally speaking, the attitude of the customers of leather goods processing factories to the sample fee can judge their real demand, and most real buyers will not mind the sample fee of leather goods. According to surveys and interviews with the majority of members, we learned that 80~90% of buyers can eventually become effective customers after paying the sample fee; customers who insist on providing leather samples free of charge have less than 20% chance of getting the order. . Therefore, through our attitude towards the sample fee for leather goods, we can preliminarily judge whether the buyer is 'effective' or whether it is fraudulently obtaining samples.

When the buyer requests to send samples, it is necessary for the leather processing factory to charge a sample fee. One is to check the sincerity of the other party, and the other is that leather samples are also costly. If the other party cares very much, the two parties can negotiate and refund the sample fee after placing the order. If the other party still does not agree to pay, then it is very likely that he only needs to take a look at your sample, and the possibility of a transaction is very small. When the other party began to say 'willing to pay for shipping' and 'never encountered a sample feeYou know, the premise for requesting leather samples should be that both parties have communicated with the basic situation of the product, and the other party has a certain purchase intention. Compared with the profit of the order, the sample fee is insignificant. The real buyer will not give up the purchase for the sample fee. On the contrary, those customers who don't know anything and want free leather samples up to come must make a serious judgment.

There are also such buyers who are purely personal purchases under the guise of sending leather samples. After sending the sample, there is no more information. Therefore, before sending samples, the leather goods processing plant should also do some understanding of the buyer's identity. If you don’t accept such retail, you don’t have to waste time communicating.

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