Several factors to pay attention to when choosing a luggage oem processing plant

by:JIYALI     2021-05-09
Many luggage brands and companies do not have their own factories and production workshops. Therefore, these brands of luggage and companies must find corresponding OEM processing plants for leather bags.

There are many domestic leather bag OEM processing factories, which is dazzling. They all say that they have advantages. The products produced by their own factories can compete with international brands. They are in line with international standards. Raw materials are directly purchased from foreign suppliers. Which factory is really as he said? Why are so many customers always looking for excellent luggage OEM processing factories, but they end up disappointed again and again? Here JIYALI introduces to you several issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing a luggage OEM processing factory.

1. On-site inspection. There are many intermediaries in the luggage industry. The prices of intermediaries are often relatively high and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, to process and produce luggage, you must inspect the luggage factory on the spot. Check whether luggage factories have their own Ru0026D and design teams. Many luggage factories do not have Ru0026D and design teams. Such factories usually buy back some of the costs from other factories or on the market, and are doing imitative production without any Ru0026D and innovation capabilities.

2. Investigate Ru0026D personnel and teams. Some luggage processing factories have a design room for design rooms, but they do not have designers or teams. They have developers, but these developers can simply analyze the purchased products. The production is only step by step. The real Ru0026D personnel should have the ability to research and develop new and innovative, rather than simply understand the existing design drawings.

3. The layout design room determines whether this luggage factory can develop and innovate popular luggage; workshop production equipment and front-line employees are important factors that affect the feel and appearance of luggage, so you must choose a luggage OEM processing factory See if the equipment in this factory is advanced. Although the requirements of the production workshop and luggage workshop are not as strict as the high-tech product workshop, the luggage production workshop also has certain requirements. The production workshop does not have to be large, but the facilities must be complete.

4. Successful cases. A professional luggage OEM processing factory must process and produce products for many brands. You can see which well-known brands that the factory has processed luggage and bags for, and you can also judge the credibility of the factory. Degree and product quality.

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