Senior Indians talk about the development of synthetic leather industry

by:JIYALI     2021-08-16
India (MSRaajKr.Anand) introduces the development of India's synthetic leather industry. India's synthetic leather industry is small and less. The Indian synthetic leather industry is mainly composed of seven synthetic leather companies, including about seven dry-process production lines and two wet-process production lines. Judging from it, it can't even compare to a factory in China. From the application point of view, synthetic leather in India is mainly used in shoes, accounting for more than 50%, mainly casual shoes and labor insurance shoes, etc., distributed in the capital Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and other places, but the sports shoe industry in India is not developed. ; In addition, luggage and bags account for about 20%; furniture leather is about 15%, and other about 20%. However, India's domestic synthetic leather industry has been developing slowly and steadily. Most of India’s domestic businesses are family-run businesses. Our company is run by our brothers. So far, we should be doing pretty well. We only sell synthetic leather, and most of them are exported by Chinese domestic synthetic leather manufacturers. Every month, we import about 50 containers from China, and the total value of imported goods is about 25 million US dollars, which may be equivalent to the sales volume of manufacturers with 6 production lines in China, of which more than 75% are ordinary PU leather and 15% are super Fiber synthetic leather, but super fiber leather only distributes one type of super fiber leather from Wanhua; the other 5-10% other leather or PVC leather. From the perspective of commodity value, microfiber accounts for about 25%, and ordinary PU leather accounts for about 65-70%. Large inventory and broad sales prospects We have been selling synthetic leather for about 8 years since we started selling synthetic leather in about 2000. We only have one store in Delhi, but we distribute them all over the country, and we have warehouses or distribution channels in major application industries. Salespersons from all over the country contact local customers and meet customer needs within 1-2 days. In the past, we mainly distributed synthetic leather products in China, but now we have two registered brands, MicroTouch and ZWN (pictured), and we do OEM processing in China. Although our total sales volume in one year is considerable, in fact, our average inventory accounts for about half of the total turnover, and we maintain sufficient inventory in major downstream footwear, luggage, furniture and other industries in various parts of India. The risks we have to bear are even greater than those of the manufacturers. Affected by the fashion trend of synthetic leather in China The Indian market is not as sensitive to changes in the pattern of synthetic leather as in China, but in general, it is constantly changing and deeply influenced by domestic trends in China. For example, mirror leather is currently popular in China, and mirror leather is also more popular in India. It was only slightly delayed by one or two months. I will visit the Shanghai International Leather Fair in China and the Asia Pacific Leather Fair in Hong Kong every year; at other times, I will go to China every one or two months to see new products and introduce them to the Indian market. India may become a synthetic leather investment market in 2-3 years. We are all discussing this issue. But in fact, it is not a good time to start production of synthetic leather production lines or resin projects in India at present, because raw materials such as resin and DMF solvent are difficult to supply, the cost of importing from China and other countries is too high, and the technical strength is also limited, and National regulations such as import taxes are also not conducive to the development of the synthetic leather industry, so it is still too early. Maybe it will be an opportunity in 2-3 years, and there is still a long way to go.
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