Sales to the U.S. have shrunk significantly

by:JIYALI     2021-08-13
The Canton Fair is a window for China's foreign trade, and the transaction situation has always been regarded as the vane of my country's foreign trade exports. At the 103rd Canton Fair, many export manufacturers are facing huge challenges. Among them, textile and garment foreign trade enterprises are undoubtedly the hardest hit areas for my country's exports.   In the textile and clothing exhibition hall yesterday, I found that European and American faces are not common, but some African countries and the Middle East have more foreign merchants. Many companies also indicated that their export sales to the United States are shrinking significantly.   We are now mainly focusing on the European market, and try to minimize the US market. The company's annual exports to the United States are expected to drop by 20%. Some mainland textile manufacturers said. Affected by the subprime mortgage crisis, it is an indisputable fact that the US economic growth has slowed down. Personal bank deposits have shrunk, and spending power has fallen sharply. my country has the most barriers to the export trade of textile products from the United States, and companies bear more export costs, but their profits are suppressed to a minimum. In the past, it was because of the large orders to the United States that they had to accept orders as a last resort. And now there are mostly small singles.   Some exhibitors introduced that, in fact, companies are not worried about not being able to receive orders. Due to the closure of a large number of export companies some time ago, many factory workers have begun to switch careers, and the output of textile and apparel products has dropped significantly. Four companies used to grab an order, but now there are only two. For a single export company, the number of orders has also increased.
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