Russian textile manufacturers demand control of Turkish and Chinese goods

by:JIYALI     2021-08-18
Russian textile manufacturers in Ivanov demanded that the government abolish tariffs on imported light industrial equipment and increase their resistance to smuggled products from Turkey and China.   Russian President Medvedev will preside over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the State Council to discuss the modernization of the textile sector and the welfare of workers.   Valery Yermilov, general manager of Novaya Ivanovskaya Manufaktura, told reporters on Friday: We have prepared various documents and submitted them to the Standing Committee of the State Council.   He explained that the issue discussed by the Standing Committee of the State Council this time is to reduce the refinancing rate of investment factories, implement zero tariffs on dyes, equipment and raw materials not produced in Russia, and control smuggled products imported into Russia. The price of imported fabrics in Russia is 15%-20% lower than the price of legally entering Russia. Therefore, it is necessary to control smuggling.   As for textile products from China, Yermilov said that Chinese textiles pose a serious health hazard. 80% of Chinese products are synthetic or semi-synthetic, and formaldehyde is used in dyes. In Russia, formaldehyde dyes are not used. Therefore, plans to support the Russian textile industry will help combat smuggling.   The working group of the Russian State Council said that light industrial products made in Russia accounted for only 23% of the domestic market. Official imports accounted for 27%, and smuggled products from China and Turkey accounted for 49%. Experts believe that smuggling has brought 650 billion rupees in tax losses to Russia.
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