Russian man throws money bag wildly with fur upper body

by:JIYALI     2021-08-17
Many fur shops at Suifenhe Port will see Russian customers trying on fur coats. As Suifenhe merchants have accumulated experience in the trade with Russia and understand the requirements of Russian customers for fur clothing and the changes and characteristics of the Russian fur market, many Russian residents in the Russian Far East basically come to Suifenhe to buy fur clothing. Lilya, a lady from Ussuriysk, said that she bought a fur coat in Suifenhe last year, but seeing that this year's coat was very beautiful in style and of very good quality, she planned to buy another one and wear it again. This fur is made of marmot skin over the knee coat, which is warm and stylish and beautiful. She likes it very much. According to the operator, Russian consumers like to wear fur coats in most winters, because Russia’s winter climate is cold and the time is long. The winter in most parts of Russia lasts as long as 6 months. Therefore, in the Russian market, the locals are very interested in fur and fur coats. The demand is high. Now the fur has entered the peak sales season, and the monthly sales volume is basically in the hundreds of pieces.   It is understood that due to the long and cold winter, buying fur clothing is the third largest demand for Russians after houses and cars. Russia has a cold winter climate and a long period of time. Fur clothing is warm and durable, which is very suitable for the daily needs of Russians. Russia has long loved fur products. Russia is still one of the largest fur consumers in the world. Many Russian businessmen now come to China to purchase goods, mainly at the border crossings of Suifenhe, Beijing, and Heihe. According to the person in charge of a large-scale Russian shopping mall in Suifenhe, since Russian Far East fur merchants basically buy from Suifenhe port, they have a certain understanding of the Russian fur market. Suifenhe merchants buy in accordance with the needs of Russian consumers. Now the fur clothing is basically fashion. The styles are very popular with consumers, and most of the furs in stores are imported Finnish mink raw materials, and then returned to China according to the Russian climate and consumer preferences. These products are all authorized by the manufacturer, so Russian consumers are very assured of the products, and the sales volume is very good. It is understood that due to a series of factors such as climate characteristics, traditional habits, modern fashion trends, and the practicality and comfort of fur, Russians have a great demand for fur products. Three-quarters of Russians like to wear fur coats in winter. Or cooked leather jacket. Russia consumes 10 million furs every year, has a huge consumer group of about 100 million people, and has a market capacity of more than 8 billion yuan. Only nearly 10% of the products are produced in Russia, and the rest need to be imported, and the annual sales of fur The growth rate is 25% 30%. Due to the high demand in the fur market, the Russian government has recently decided to reduce the import tax on fur garments from 20% of the value of the goods to 10% from September 15th, which will also stimulate the import of Russian fur garments.
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