Rohm and Haas increases the prices of textile-related products

by:JIYALI     2021-08-04
A few days ago, the Rohm and Haas company’s packaging and building materials division in Pennsylvania announced that all of the company’s sales in the Asia-Pacific region are related to adhesives, plastic additives, textiles and non-woven fabrics, printing plates, paper and leather. The price of the products will be increased on January 1, 2008. Among them, all tin heat stabilizers will rise by 10%. The price increase range of other products such as acrylic resin and modified acrylic resin, styrene and modified styrene, polyurethane, polyester and its supporting technologies is between 5% and 10%.         It is reported that the price increase is caused by the rapid increase in raw material costs caused by the tight supply of raw materials, as well as the continuous increase in energy costs and transportation costs. Since 1909, Rohm and Haas has been a global leader in the creation and development of innovative technologies and solutions for specialty materials. The company’s innovative technologies and solutions are widely used in construction, electronics and electronic equipment, household products and personal care products, packaging and papermaking, transportation, medicine, water treatment, food and food-related industries, and industrial processing, etc., improving people Daily life.
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