Repair method of leather bag edging wear Repair method of leather bag peeling

by:JIYALI     2021-07-23

Leather bags are very beautiful and durable, but once they are worn and peeled, it is a very annoying thing. I believe many people feel this way. Then what are the remedies for leather bags to be damaged and peeling? It.

How to repair the side of the leather bag

1. Apply a hand cream to the corners of the leather bag to soften the corners.

2, apply some transparent nail polish on the corners of the bag and where the metal touches.

3. The best thing is to go to a professional leather bag repair shop and ask the clerk to repair it.

4. Paste it with a sticker on the worn area.

Methods to repair the leather bag peeling off

1. Wipe the bag clean. Spread the egg white on the frayed area. After the eggs are dried, apply a layer of shoe polish with the same color as the bag. Just wait until the shoe polish is dry. If you are afraid that the technique will not be smooth twice, you can mix egg white and shoe polish. For a better effect, apply a layer of brightening oil, so that the worn area will not be seen.

2. If you don't have shoe polish, you can also choose crayons. Choose crayons of the same color as the bag and apply them to the worn parts of the leather bag and gently rub them. After the wax penetrates into the leather, the wear marks will be covered.

3. At present, there are many laundry shops with specialized leather bag maintenance services. The bag can be sent to the laundry shop for emergency repairs. After the maintenance is completed, the small wear can disappear, and the large wear can be reduced, which is very useful.

What to do after the leather bag is dyed

1. To prevent the leather bag from being dyed, you should always pay attention to oil, waterproof, sunscreen, and fire-proof baking. You can also take a portion of formaldehyde (concentration 30 %) melted in 3 parts of water, use this aqueous solution to paint the leather bag, and then apply shellac liquid (one part shellac, 10 parts alcohol) after it dries, so that it is easy to reduce staining.

2,  If there is a problem with how to clean the leather bag dyeing, you can go to the store directly to buy the dyeing potion, follow the instructions of the instructions, and then apply a little shoe polish to help the leather bag reply The original Guanze!

3,  When you encounter the problem of how to clean the leather bag dyeing, you can use a neutral foam cleaning agent (pure white foam). Just follow the usual method of washing your bags.

How to remove the odor from a leather bag

1. Take a soft towel soaked in water, then take it out and wring it dry, and then carefully wipe the inside and out of the leather bag. After wiping, put the bag in a ventilated place and air-dry it is OK. Note that if it’s summer, you can put it in the sun for a while. If you want to change to winter, sisters must remember not to put it in the sun, because the leather bag will be affected by the cold air in the winter sun, and the leather is prone to chemical reactions. Make the leather bag easy to be crispy.

2. There are many MMs who have the habit of eating oranges, and you can use them at this time. You may not know it. There are many honeycomb-shaped pores on the orange peel, which is a good adsorbent. . We only need to wash and dry the orange peels left over from our eating, then divide them into pieces and put them in the bag. Then close the bag. After a while, open the bag and you will find that the peculiar smell of the bag is not only removed. , You can also make our purses fragrant.

3. If MMs don’t have time, the easiest way is to unpack the new bag directly, and then put it in a ventilated place for 2 days, the smell of the new bag will naturally disappear Up

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