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by:JIYALI     2021-07-20

Many people are not very interested in red when they are studying, thinking that it is too high-profile and too earthy, but as they mature with age, they find that they have a different aesthetic view of red, so they are also ready to start with it. This is a collection of red envelopes, and the following is a collection of popular red bags from a number of well-known brands!

Pictures and brands of red bags

Recently, Mr. Mi is also studying red bags and collected 9 brands that are my longest at different prices! From more than one hundred From small CK to more than 10,000 GUCCI, let’s see if our tastes are the same~


Recommendation: Charlesu0026Keith Star Card Pack ¥ 199 When I visited the little CK, I looked at the small purse that was made of velvet and decorated with starry sky patterns. It felt like a Sailor Moon purse.

Ms. Mi’s selection of styles▼

2. COCCINELLECOCCINELLE is an Italian brand that I like very much, and my girlfriends help from Italy I have brought a suede Arlettis bag, the leather workmanship is superb, and the price is very high. This B14 handbag is only a thousand years old when it is discounted, which is very cost-effective. However, this ugly model on the official website really recommends replacing it!

Recommendation: COCCINELLE B14 leather handbag ¥1000-3000

Ins bloggers’ The demonstration is a lot of foreign style ▼

3. REBECCA MINKOFF is a designer brand from New York, Mr. Mi bought one a few years ago. The price of the bag is relatively close to the people, and the student party can easily get in, starting from more than one thousand, and even only a few hundred when discounted. Rebecca has a variety of styles. In her bags, you can find both punk and rock styles, as well as feminine.

Ms. Mi’s selection of styles▼

4. ZAC ZAC POSEN Zac posen’s dresses are very popular among female stars. He The bags of ZAC Zacposen's sub-line brand have also received the attention of many celebrities. From the former first lady of the United States Michelle to the New York celebrity Olivia, they all love this brand!

Recommendation: Eartha small double handle bag shopbop reference The price is about $495. This bag is very suitable for daily commuting. It has a good capacity and is very eye-catching, but it is not light-weight.

Ms. Mi’s selection of styles▼

5.MANU ATELIER ManuAtelier is most famous for this box bag. After a variety of colors, I personally prefer the color matching style. The small size is relatively moderate, and there is also a Micro size, which is too small and not enough to fit.

Recommendation: ManuAtelier Mini Pristine square bag shopbop reference price $550

Ms. Mi's selected styles▼

6.STRATHBERRY is a niche brand from the United Kingdom, full of architectural beauty, metal pole is one of its characteristics, the design reveals a strong British academic style. This East/West mini is the style that Teacher Mi has been planting for a long time! It has two sizes and a lot of color options. The red color is quite amazing.

Recommendation: STRATHBERRY East/West mini UK official website price £395

Selected styles by Teacher Mi▼

7. FERRAGAMO bought a small red envelope from Ferragamo a few years ago, and I really liked it. It was bought at a duty-free shop at the time and the price was 3900. This bag looks small, but in fact it has a good capacity. The cross-grain cowhide is very textured, the bow is cute and elegant, and the price is not expensive. It is very suitable as the first big-name bag!

Recommendation: Ferragamo Vara The chain bag is around 5000

8. DIOR Among many luxury brands, the red of DIOR is also very classic! I personally like the Diorama series, which is full of architectural beauty without losing elegant. LadyDior is more aristocratic, depending on the occasion and dress.

Recommendation: 2018 Spring/Summer Lady Dior 2w+

Ms. Mi’s selection of styles▼

9. GUCCI GUCCI bags have gradually settled into classic styles from unpopular explosions in the past two years. Not only has the series enriched, but also a variety of sizes are available to choose from. Among them, the cheapest microsize is hard to buy. However, prices continue to rise. Question: Marmont and Bacchus, which one do you like?

After reading today’s red envelope recommendation, did you find the bag of your dream? Interact today and leave a message and share your favorite red bag with Teacher Mi~< /p>

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