Recommend a few good-looking bags Popular bags recommended in 2017

by:JIYALI     2021-06-27

As the saying goes, it’s 'to cure all diseases' for women. From this sentence, we can see how girls like good-looking bags. For girls, good-looking bags are the same as games and cars for boys. The appeal is the same. This year is 2017, so what are the popular bags in 2017? The editor of the No.5 network below recommends the best looking and most popular bags in 2017.

Fendi handbags

Fendi~It’s a girl’s favorite series of bags~

KAN I handbags medium size

The handbags have compartments and detachable inside. Shoulder straps, cross-body portable can be more versatile. A metal ring with a stylish personality, and the metal accessories on the handbags are palladium-plated. KANI's unique top and bottom rivet locks will make you happy every time you see this bag.

MIUMIU Folded Bag

MIUMIU, the brand name of a girl like this, has always been the endorsement of the girl line.

The pleated bag is the treasure of the town shop of the MIUMIU brand bag. Both pink and black are a super good match. As long as the clothes are not too jumpy, they can be held perfectly.

The style of this fold bag is simple but not easily outdated. The pink girly style, low-key folds also have a hint of girly first maturity.

COACH handbags

COACH is playing academy girly style!!! With such styles and colors, just ask if your heart beats!

Kiss The lock handbag has been transformed based on Coach’s previous 'CashinCarry' handbag. The pattern and the small details on the color scheme are all perfect. This bag is also sold very well.

LV messenger bag

Many big-name messenger bags have many styles, but this messenger bag from lv is indeed timeless, even if there are many new bags, this The sales of bags are still enduring, and people have always bought them. Probably this is the charm of messenger bags!

The hardware material of this bag is very good. The mature and stable pattern is matched with the hardware with super good texture. I think it is also the reason why everyone likes this bag. The high quality and texture are not always the big names. Are you pursuing the realm? This bag definitely reached this realm. The appearance and temperament coexist. The hand and the shoulder are very beautiful. Girls are also very aggressive on their backs~

GUCCI Dionysus

GUCCI is the fastest growing brand in the luxury goods industry. The first bag designed by Micari after taking office is this Dionysus bag. Many stars have this bag. Is this product successful? Naturally, it is obvious to all.

The Geranium print Bacchus bag adds cute and romantic flower elements on the canvas, which is chic enough and good enough to match with people like it.

No matter what kind of bag you like, this bag will surely impress you, because this one has many styles for you to choose from.

LV Mini backpack

lv's bag is the beloved of many women, this bag is actually relatively small, but it can be worn, and It's a good match, it's a hot style this year, but the colors and colors are more mature. It is recommended that mature ladies have a back, and the temperament is extra points~

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