Questions to be aware of when looking for leather goods manufacturers to process leather bags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-19
In recent years, the traditional luggage production industry has been in crisis, and the transactions of leather goods of all sizes are facing various problems. As the overall market situation of the leather goods industry is not good now, the competition in the leather goods industry is getting bigger and bigger, and many leather goods manufacturers have workers but worry about not doing it alone. In order to obtain orders, some leather goods manufacturers do their utmost to obtain orders, and slowly they will find that these are routines. Find a leather goods manufacturer to make a custom-made bag, the following routines must be careful!

Routine 1: What kind of style we can make to order, you can send the sample first!

In fact, every leather processing factory has its own characteristics and advantages. Some special bag styles cannot be made. Of course, you need to understand the basic situation of the manufacturer and understand the situation before processing. After that, take a picture of the product and send it to the leather goods manufacturer to see if it can be customized, and if possible, decide whether to send a sample. If you don’t know the leather goods manufacturer and send the samples, the factory says it can’t do it. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time?

Routine 2: The price is no problem, what is your budget, we will do it directly according to your budget!

Regular and professional leather goods manufacturers are more sensitive to price issues. The larger the factory, the more cautious. They will not give quotations casually, and will often check prices carefully. What's more, when looking for a leather goods manufacturer to process bags, don’t push the price too low. The price is too low. The leather goods manufacturer will not produce it for you at a loss. If the price is crushed, the factory will be there. Raw materials and quality will give you a big discount.

Routine 3: This bag is currently the latest in the market and is unique to our family. Don't worry!

The new bags developed by our own factory are okay. As for the exclusive new models on the market, 80% of them are plagiarism. Now the speed of online copying is getting faster and faster. New products will see the same models in a few days. Only the new bags developed by our own factory can be considered as new models. Of course, they can’t be unique. Sometimes customers take a fancy to this bag and customize it. , It’s not unique anymore.

So if you find a leather manufacturer to make your own bags, it’s okay to meet a good leather manufacturer. If you encounter a bad one, you will invest a lot of time and energy. Of course, sometimes leather manufacturers will exist. As long as a few questions are raised appropriately, I believe that leather goods manufacturers will gradually improve.

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