Questions that need to be paid attention to when looking for manufacturers for bag customization

by:JIYALI     2021-05-25
I have more than ten years of experience in bag customization and processing, and I will share with you the following issues that need to be paid attention to when looking for manufacturers for bag customization.

First of all, you must clarify the material before customizing the bag.

Which brand of the main leather of the customized bag is, and whether there is any proof (the leather is very watery, it is too shoddy), and the import is good Leather usually costs more than 50 yuan a foot.

Is the matching leather in the bag sheepskin or microfiber? What price?

What is the material used for? The price ratio imported from Italy is good, so don't use the chaff paper, it will rot.

What is the hardware substrate? How thick is the gilding?

What kind of teeth is a zipper? (Corn teeth are better) What brand? (Note that there are too many fake ykks. Riri is too expensive and it is generally impossible to use real ones.)

What brand of glue is used in the bag processing process? (Most glues are relatively toxic)

Secondly find a custom bag craftsman

The bag customization is found in the process of looking for the supply chain : Most domestic bag factories do not have experience in producing luxury leather goods, and lack design capabilities and core skills. Therefore, if you are looking for a factory, it is best to get to know the printing masters of the legendary factories in Hong Kong (such as listed companies, Time Handbags) to help you make the printing. Otherwise, you may be very disappointed in the design implementation.

If there is no requirement for the design implementation, then I personally suggest that you can adjust the leather, hardware color, and logo style when you see the finished product of the bag factory. Don't ask too much for the rest. This adjustment cost is lower. , Maybe the factory is willing to cooperate. (Generally all factories only accept large orders)

You can also find craftsmen, but most of the domestic craftsmen do not have professional factory experience, so they can only make the surface exquisite and the inside (professional technology such as load-bearing, durability, etc.) Not very clear. Therefore, the durability is poor.

JIYALI’s masters have spent several years digging from other large leather goods factories one by one. They have more than ten years of leather goods manufacturing experience and come from luxury goods foundries. The team of professional masters can undertake customized package business of various grades and processes.

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