Quality and delivery time determine the fate of leather processing plants

by:JIYALI     2021-05-09
The quality and delivery period of leather processing factories sometimes determine whether a factory has the strength and whether it can accept large orders for a long time, and become the preferred factory trusted by customers. After receiving the order, the leather processing factory has a special person in charge to plan the delivery time, and then improve the product quality and yield rate in the later stage.

The product yield rate refers to the proportion of qualified products among all the products produced by the factory. It is the number of qualified products divided by the total number of products to get the product yield rate. This is the most important indicator for leather goods processing factories.

The delivery period refers to the time from the date when the customer signs the contract with the leather goods processing factory until the delivery of the order bulk is completed.

To do the above two key steps, generally there is a good plan and systematic work flow to protect the interests of customers.

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