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As one of the best leather bag manufacturers in China, Guangzhou JIYALI Leather Co., Ltd., after more than ten years of hard work, owns a dedicated development and design team for leather women bags, and more than 100 stable production staff, and also advanced production lines and complete testing equipment. Also provides OEM/ODM production services for soft leather bags for ladies directly to many domestic and foreign brand luggage companies through OEM/ODM service and exports to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and other international markets. We have the ability to produce more than one million customized leather bags per year. 

Crossbody bags and Crossbody wallet bags are by far the popular cross body bag. The reason for its popularity is that they are highly functional and stylish while at the same time providing class and style to anyone who wears it. Crossbody bags is also the leading designer brand of oem cross body handbags, totes, purses, and wallets. Since oem crossbody bags and oem wallets are quite popular amongst buyers, there are thousands of companies around the globe that manufacture and sell them.

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