Private tips for maintaining custom bags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-26
In today's society, bags have become a fashion accessory, and having a trendy bag is what people desire. In particular, customized bags are a deep demand in people's hearts, because customized bags reflect their uniqueness. However, many people don't know how to care for and maintain the bag after buying it. Today, I will talk about the privacy techniques of maintaining the bag.

First, use a dry towel to clean the surface of a leather custom bag from time to time, but definitely avoid washing with water, which is the most likely to damage the leather. Second, the leather bags are not regularly applied to maintain the gloss of the bag. Don't be too troublesome, let alone brush with a brush.

Thirdly, avoid the bag packaging items that exceed the carrying capacity of the bag itself when carrying it cross-body or carrying it, which can easily cause the bag to deform and lose its original appearance and accelerate the service life of the bag. Fourth, remember to avoid contact with strong acids or alkalis, and corrosive solvents when customizing bags. These have great damage to the leather of the bag.

Fifth, the clothes are also changed to wear, leather bags are no exception, and the backs are also changed appropriately. Sixth, some newly-purchased custom bags will have a little smell, which is normal leather and glue smell. Please put some orange zest or buy a sachet to put it in. The peculiar smell will slowly evaporate in a few days.

The above is an introduction to some maintenance techniques of customized bags, and I hope it will be helpful to bag owners.

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