Points to note when buying and using men's wallets

by:JIYALI     2021-05-16
First of all, judging the pros and cons of a men's wallet is mainly based on the feel. Generally speaking, cowhide is divided into two layers, the top layer leather is relatively soft; the top layer leather wallet feels softer, usually more expensive, and the second layer leather wallet will feel harder to the touch.

Secondly, compared with two-layer leather wallets, wallets with top-layer leather will have a longer lifespan. Wallets currently on the market priced at RMB 500 or more are generally top-layer leather wallets.

Thirdly, the first impression is actually very important in business situations. A men's wallet with good texture and fashionable style can really show one's taste. For example, this year, long wallet customization is more popular. But in business occasions, it is better to choose a relatively safe, safe, and well-regulated black simple long wallet. When attending a party with business partners in the evening, you can choose a slightly unique men's wallet to highlight your personal style.

Fourth, generally speaking, business style men's wallets are relatively simple, too fancy will appear very feminine, without business temperament. The quality of men’s wallet customization does not lie in the size of the men’s wallet logo. In European culture, business people are very low-key and reserved, but they will dress very well. Their first concern is to wear comfortably, and to wear clothing and shoes. , The color and material of the wallet are perfectly matched. Therefore, the key to custom men's wallet styles depends on how to match the style of clothing.

Fifth, men’s wallets are a consumable, which will break if they are used for a long time. Normally, you only need to wipe it with a professional leather care agent. You can't wipe it with a detergent containing strong alkali. It needs to be moisturized just like leather shoes. In fact, the best way to maintain men’s wallets is to keep a few more styles, such as black men’s wallets, brown wallets, beige wallets, etc., which can be used in rotation and can be matched with different styles of clothing. As long as men's wallets are changed frequently, no special care is required under normal circumstances.

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