Pakistani textile organization boycotts the government to increase natural gas prices

by:JIYALI     2021-07-31
Approximately 19 large, medium and small textile enterprise associations across Pakistan refused to participate in the hearing organized by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Administration on Wednesday. They said that the managers did not manage domestic natural gas prices.   All textile associations unanimously refused to participate in the hearing. The Authority held this hearing at the request of the Southern Gas Company (SSGCL) with the purpose of increasing the price of natural gas in 2007-08.   The Textile Enterprise Association believed that the Administration was not capable of fulfilling the notice issued by them. Therefore, the representatives of the Textile Association refused to participate in the hearing.   SSGC requested an increase of 9.98 rupees per MMBTU of natural gas from January 1, 2008 to make up for the loss of revenue in the 2007-08 fiscal year. The Authority approved a public hearing in Karachi on Wednesday to listen to the opinions of industry professionals and the general public.   But 19 large textile associations refused to participate in the hearing. The Textile Association said that in the past, the Administration had issued two notices regarding natural gas price cuts, but they had not been implemented for several months. On the contrary, the notice of natural gas price hikes came into effect soon.   They said that the Administration has never taken the textile industry’s past proposals to heart. Therefore, the textile companies jointly signed to oppose the decision of the Administration and the government.   A factory owner said that we firmly oppose the request of SSGC and call on the Administration to cancel subsidies provided to fertilizer companies. He said that continuing to increase natural gas prices will seriously damage the interests of the textile industry and at the same time will have a negative impact on exports.
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