Pakistani exporters want to explore the Chinese gauze market

by:JIYALI     2021-08-07
A few days ago, Pakistani economic experts suggested that Pakistani textile exporters should make full use of the preferential tariff rates under the Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement to open up the huge Chinese market.   According to expert analysis, before this, Pakistani textile exporters paid too much attention to the European and American markets, even cutting prices and exporting at a meager profit. After the opening of the international textile market, the primary textile market has shifted to Asia’s China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Pakistan, as a major primary textile producer, should shift the focus of the market. The above-mentioned countries all have different degrees of industry market protection. Only China and Pakistan have signed a free trade agreement, opening up the textile market to Pakistan. Experts pointed out that according to the agreement, Pakistan’s tariffs on spinning, cloth and home textiles exported to China in 2008 have been reduced to zero. Although Pakistan's spinning exports are increasing, they are far below the export potential because exporters have not done enough to open up the market.
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